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Our Philosophy

It is our belief that it is the fundamental principle upon which it rests that makes FindYourDoctor.gr unique and namely:

1.    Development with an aim at patient centricity. Individuals that are in need of health services, operate under pressure, have a high sense of stress and anxiety and are simultaneously required to make quick and correct decisions. At the same time, they are people who demand respect and attention. It is access to useful, comprehensive, easily operational and functional information that FindYourDoctor.gr directly intends to offer them, firstly developing a house brand name which will coincide with the answer to their need for information.

2.    Respect to the person who provides the health service. This is the second pillar of development.  FindYourDoctor.gr treats each Healthcare Professional (registered in its lists) primarily as an agent, who has the potential to improve the quality of his fellow men, regardless of the nature of the services offered.

3.    Direct link with NOW. This connection is of two tiers. The first concerns the use of information technologies and the integration within functional characteristics of websites, of all those developments of communication and search. The second concerns the information presented, which will be updated through a network of processes that have been incorporated into the operating system of the website.

4.    Precise geographical limits of coverage areas. As has already become apparent from the first image of FindYourDoctor.gr, there are clear geographical boundaries in each separate register and every website, developed within the framework of FindYourDoctor.gr. This determining decision was made taking into consideration the two aforementioned principles. A register that is chaotic and without clear geographical restrictions, creates an even greater sense of panic and anxiety in patients, who now have to manage an extremely extensive range of information under pressure. On the other hand, the precise geographical limits increase accessibility to the nearest health services and to those who provide them.

5.    Internal quality assurance system. FindYourDoctor.gr is governed by a series of strict internal rules that ensures both patients and subscribers providing the health services, to the maximum extent possible.

6.    High aesthetic presentation of all information. It might seem odd, but we believe that the presentation of the subscribers’ information of FindYourDoctor.gr, with a clearly defined and perhaps rigorous way that focuses on functionality and mainly on high aesthetics, constitutes a key element of respect towards patients and healthcare professionals.

7.    Human contact. The main difference of FindYourDoctor.gr from other directories is perhaps the development, along with the online tools, of contact between both patients and health professional-subscribers, with the company’s associates.