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Depending on the area of health professions to which you belong and are active in and the form of your business (natural or legal person) there are three variations in the levels that the information that is relevant to you is presented, in order for you to choose what suits you best. For more information select from the list below:

  • Independent Natural Persons: Doctors, Speech Therapists, Dietitians, Veterinarians, Physiotherapists etc. There will be three levels and namely:
    • Level Α, which constitutes a joint presentation of all subscribers and includes basic useful information and a professional photograph.
    • Level B, which involves a detailed presentation of each professional with information on education, skills, specializations etc. and photographs of the working area (e.g. surgery).
    • Level C constitutes a detailed presentation, essentially a website within the website of FindYourDoctor.gr, with a detailed array of photographs and other information. There is also provision for free text that healthcare professionals will draft themselves.
  • Private Businesses Health Service Provisions: Pharmacies, Laboratories, Beauty Salons etc.            There will be three levels of presentation here as well, similar to those mentioned above.
  • Multifaceted and Complex Legal Entities: Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers etc. In this case there are two levels:
    • Level A, involves a simple presentation with utilitarian synoptic information.
    • Level C involves a detailed presentation with information relevant to the services offered, collaborating health professionals, facilities etc. adapted to the needs and characteristics of the subscriber.


One of our benefits for the professionals that choose to be presented at the C level is the development of a separate website with a name of their choosing and which will have the same content with the level of that which can be found in FindYourDoctor.gr.

With Regards to health professional interaction with visitors, users or members of FindYourDoctor.gr it has many levels as well. All health professionals are able to receive emails from visitors in order to have appointments booked with them directly through their web site (see configuration of level A). Later this system will be automated and advanced.

Subscribers of levels B and C will be able to post material such as publications, their articles, interviews, organizing events etc in the section of the site titled "News of FYD”, as well as to send emails to members who have expressed interest to be informed about specific issues. They will also be able to answer patients’ questions (if they wish to) through their blogs FindYourDoctor.gr, while they can also use links to Facebook and Twitter which will have been made with the FindYourDoctor.gr accounts.